Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♪ Road to Glory 〜long journey〜

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KOKIA is releasing so many new works in this year! Another mini-album, "Road to Glory 〜long journey〜", will be out on August 18, 2010.

As you might have already known, song "Road to Glory" is the theme song of online game "Dragon Nest". In this album, besides it, there is another song "Daybreak", which can be seen as a kind of image based on the Dragon-Nest world. KOKIA mentioned in her blog, that this song is featured by multiple recording tracks, and the whole feeling of it will be as grand as "Road to Glory". Also, KOKIA wrote the image song as well!

She also talked about another song before in her blog. The ghost(?)-song, "Sabiatta / for little tail", which was the theme song of game "for little tail", will also be in this mini album. This song was firstly out 13 years ago, and finally they found the original recording and going to release it officially! You may read more from KOKIA's blog about this story, but briefly, the reason for them to put those songs from two games together is simple: the staff of both games were the same. The song was written in 1997, and KOKIA's debut was in 1998, so this is a song came beyond the time, and it was also a reunion of the staff members~

↑ Bass: Izumi; Percussion: Mizawa; KOKIA; Suo

↑ the original recording's hard copy!!!
*all pictures are taken from KOKIA blog~*

They got a newly recorded version of "sabiatte / for little tail", and the original version will also be included in the album. "It's so embarrassing when I listen to the old version... I was so inexperienced... I really like the new version, everything feels so good, and more mature." that KOKIA mentioned in her blog.

By the way, KOKIA also tried the online game, and she named her character "Kokio", which is more fitting for a boy -- and his birthday is... July 22, of course!


P.S. school life is so busy recently. I need to find enough time to finish the translation of her 2009 Europe interview... ^^;