音時雨 ~Fairy Aria~

☪ Cloudy days' stimuli ♫

"The end of summer". Usually there's no such a thing but only a sudden weather change.
Being about 25 last week with a strong sunlight, now it had been cloudy + rainy for almost the whole week. Which definitely made me happy.
Meanwhile, the darker days also brought me a little change in music I wanted to loop.
Solely based on my current memory, the best one in an autumn rainy day has to be...
"人工庭園は翆緑石の雨に霞む" from "Yorlga II". Plus, taking a deeper consideration in its lyrics, it's giving me more stimuli... >///<
In case of classical music, Tchaikovsky and Chopin will be a good choice. But it's generally more abstract and harder to form a sharp "concept art" (I've tried with "Dumka Op. 59" and ended with nothing).
. . . >>>

♢ 青い瞳に惹かれて ✿

- Can you change your iris colour?
- Yes of course, in the 2D world!
In the past a few weeks, I had just realised a serious problem, that none of my girls has the blue eye colour! °A°
This shall not be allowed. Although I had forgotten how I decided the final palette, maybe 10 years ago, and regardless I had undergone a (sort of) style-change 3 years ago, I need another revolution, solely for the eye colours.
In the real world, eye colour isn't of the first things I'd notice. Never, that I can't even tell my colleagues' eye colours. Real people have no fun -- bearing with an otaku's heart. But in the imaginary side, you have . . . >>>

♪ 集中力☆ ♪

Last Thursday (or Friday), I eventually realised that comiket was going to be coming day. Wasn't it usually at the end of August? Did it change recently or just because my memory got some problem and messed up?
But, since Haruka had her new high quality canoe release as usual, and Akiko's preview of the coming album "Ayashi" (although the orgel track isn't as delicious as I'd expect), I'm fine with it.
Speaking of Haruka's canoe unit, I'm assuming they're making a long story through all these albums, but sadly, I never paid much attention -- I might if they're in one single album though -- I just can't stay focused. In this sense, a concept album suits me much better. Then it comes to "Ayashi". Be frank, . . . >>>

♪ Moving to SQLite ♧

There're always things you'll never understand. Such as UTF8 rendering between Perl/CGI, HTML form submission and storing in database files. Even though everything stored in SQL was using UTF8, I kept getting problems about improperly displayed characters, especially the degree sign ° and German umlauts. Although I expected Japanese characters might cause a bigger problem, it wasn't the case. Which is good, looking at a full screen of weird symbols is never a pleasant experience.
I brought this up, simply because I was playing around with them again. Also because of this issue, I'd considered for so many times to completely convert to use PHP. My hunch was it's going to be hard, if not impossible. I'm very aware of its fitfulness with web stuff, but . . . >>>

❆ xx shades of dark blue and pink ✾

Since this week's big cleaning of my laptop, a few more keys were behaving weirdly after the 90% dead "D", 50% dead "R": "Down" is 85% not working, and "W" sometimes gives two characters in a row.
Great. At least the fan itself is fairly quiet till now. The keyboard isn't the most essential part after all.
50 Shades of grey.
When I first saw this, I wondered "Why it's worth posting? Isn't that true? This would be my f . . . >>>

✯ 指を痛めるほどノートちゃんのお掃除♪ ❅

. . . >>>

☆ 遅れた七夕 ❀

In the following week, it seems to be near 30°C everyday.
Not a good thing at all, I feel I'm melting down. Due to it, my timezone is getting weird. But, that's why I'm having my own 27-hour custom time display...
Summer should not exist... u_u
In the past month, I know I'm too deep in the world of dark souls, and eventually, I became the dark lord on this Monday. Before the last boss, which wasn't that a big trouble, I sort of "gave up" on the DLC boss Manus and hit him down far away outside with my +5 lighting longbow... I'd never say I'm getting any better in this, but I'm much more confident with the world map, as I've died so many times and thus the map naturally embedded into my mind. Beating Gywn without parry -- impossible for s . . . >>>