音時雨 ~Fairy Aria~

✯ Revive Remake Reincarnation ✿

The first piece in this year: the previously continuously mentioned "Revive" has finally been remade! ・ω・ノ
Revive ~remake~
(because it had "re" in both the title and subtitle, it was a little confusing each time when I type it.. xD;;)

vs. the first print I did 7 years ago.. -- more exactly, 3 days to 7 years.
Before the very first remake, I even checked the difference between remake and re . . . .

❀ Let Dr. Sense-of-Direction going AKUMU ✿

There're no that many times I dream about video games in all kinds of forms and still remember it after I wake up: Silent Hill 3 and 4 for sure, and then PsychoBreak. That I clearly know the latter was so real, as if I were the main character and running away from Laura or Mr. Chainsaw, and praying for a lovely "check point".
In a sense, PsychoBreak thus made itself to be one of my favourites. And recently I finally began my long survival trip in AKUMU mode, aka the instant kill mode. I've got a pretty Death Record chart, and will be looking forward the outcome after I come back from the crazy loop of dying and loading and reanalysing and improving.
. . . .

❈ Black Tea Hell ♡

Black tea hell, the subtitle of "古色迷宮輪舞曲".
The story was rather good, which gives players the desire to keep reading. However, without a flowchart, there's no doubt that I'd give up it half way.
I tend to find a walk-through even that's multiple-choice based. As I never say I'm good at visual novels, in terms of gameplay -- especially flags from the choices. I'm seeing tons of control flows each day, so I'd rely on others' guides and mainly enjoy the story.
That in this game, it's much beyond the level of multiple-choice. It's not even riddles. It's just a tiresome word play (can be worse for people like me, who read by literally "eyes").
I can't do time-leap, I don't have so much time to deal with the ridiculous word-throwing, . . . .

❅ からっぽい? ✽

Since its last year's release, I tried to remember what that classical piece is, that appears at the end of Mitose Noriko's "小さな庭", the last track from her "SilentHiSongs". The first impression plus my classical experience told me that the composer must be Beethoven, as I'm not a very huge fan of him I couldn't reach the very end conclusion.
In this week since I began my Beethoven loop (simply as working BGM after the folder playing of DG's Brahms collection... orz)...
It's "Pathétique"! Now I'm good.
Honestly, I don't want to touch this song too often, for now. It makes me feeling sad.
However! Fining the true answer couldn't change the fact that my rather low c . . . .

✾ Hello PHP! ⛤

I don't understand why the "D" key was the first one to break on my laptop. If it's really due to daily use, keys like "Ctrl", "Z", "C", "V", etc would die much quicker than "D".
At least now I have a comfortable wireless keyboard, and I'm writing on my Surface 3..
Like I said in the first post of this year, I've just finished reading "Learning PHP5" (and just noticed PHP7 was out on the official website). I hadn't got such a big ease before while reading any "textbook" like this one. Perl and PHP are really good sisters!
There's also a "PHP Cookbook" by hand (I own the "Perl Cookbook" but unfortunately I never really read it -_-''). Obviously my next goal is to...
Honestl . . . .

★ New Char: Haizora Shizuku (lies) ✾

With a REAL keyboard, it's so great to live with a little Surface. Finally no more harsh struggle in typing quickly or trouble in coding/HTML-tagging on my little Surface, or dealing with an alternative way instead of various shortcuts, or getting mad at any accidents of touching the top right corner and closing something.
Now my Surface IS a computer~!
And eventually I can bring back my long forgotten "Preload" CMD variables!
A few drawbacks so far.
- It doesn't have "Home/End" keys
- No PrtScr key . . . .

❅ 近状の収束したページ ❆

$15で買った中古のシングルベッドを売った、そして今は文字通りのベッドを使っていない。代わりに使ってるのはフルサイズの布団一つ、アマゾンさんで昨年4月買ってきたもの。例のベッドのせいで殆ど使って . . . .